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If you are at all aware of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) you know it to be an initiative to properly protect the government’s information in the defense industrial base. What you may not know is how CMMC was born. Everything has an origin and the story about the inception of CMMC has never been told – until now.

This video was created at the Cybersecurity Implementation Conference 2023 in San Diego, California in January of 2023. The conference focused on empowering everyone in the Defense Industrial Base supply chain with the information needed to create and maintain a secure, compliant environment. The conference brought together the CMMC Founders, contractors (OSC), assessors (CCA/CCP), trainers (CCI/LTP), and vendors (RPO/RP) and used a combination of hands-on learning, workshops, and interactive presentations full of gold nuggets for those in attendance! The focus of the conference was to . . . .


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support the information industry and service providers to help implement CMMC, to make sure they are properly protecting the government’s information, and ensure they are ready for the cyber regulatory tidal wave that’s about to hit.

In attendance at CIC2023 were thought leaders from across the county ready to share their expertise, such as AeroGlen International, LLC, who outlined lessons learned on their journey to compliance – including a few bumps to avoid.

The CMMC Founders we also on-site. As they socialized, it was realized that this was first time they had all met face-to-face as the CyberAB work was largely accomplished during COVID over Zoom meetings. Memories of those times were shared, and it was realized – this was an opportunity to share how the CyberAB was founded, what it was like starting from ground zero, and the incredible pace they employed to meet the deadlines of the project. The passion and dedication to the vision and mission was palpable as they recalled the sacrifices made by the volunteers. PEAK Complyance offered to officially record their memories.

This interview highlights the groundbreaking achievements that brought the CyberAB program into existence and gave life to CMMC. Spoiler alert, it still hasn’t passed as of CMMC Day 2023. The Reunion Panel also openly discusses their thoughts on what they would like to see happening next.

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

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