About Us

We Believe

We believe that all technology systems can benefit from a risk assessment and subsequent mitigation. Our team is committed to transforming organizations by providing cybersecurity solutions that are focused on a client’s needs, goals, and business environment. We strive to make it easier for companies to understand what threats exist, what risks they face, how to combat them and why these actions are needed.

Our Mission

We strive to guide compliance candidates as seamlessly as possible from their status quo to full implementation and on to compliance maturity. To accomplish this, we focus on optimizing our clients’ financial, technological, and human resources.

Lean In

At PEAK Complyance we believe that any goal is achievable through the controlled imbalance of effort and guidance. To make progress we must first lean in to the status quo. Change may not be painless; it may not be simple or easy; but purposeful and conscious change is worth the journey. No goal can be realized if it’s not achieved.

Who's Behind the PEAK

Our individual team members often create content on these very subjects. Connect with them or reach out through our company LinkedIn page.

Nancy Laney


Larry Dockery

Cybersecurity Engineer

Michael Whitecotton

Network Engineer

Cole Weaver

Server Engineer

Shane Bratton

System Administrator

Scott Elmer

Customer Server Engineer

Dean Vincent

Director, Marketing & Sales

Bryson Laney

Automation Technician

Our Origins

The world has changed. Cybersecurity is no longer about server operating systems and network devices. Cybersecurity is about people. The people who work in information security have a tough job. The more we learn about cyber-risk, the more we understand its scale and severity. But it’s also clear that there are no silver bullets for solving cybersecurity problems. Missing is the human factor.

PEAK Complyance was born of the need for a new approach to guided standards implementation. The requirements for security and compliance are clear, but they only account for half of the equation. It’s people who will make or break a security vision. People make change. People maintain security maturity. People are the gatekeepers of compliance standards. Insight into people is the missing piece to secure data and creating a positive change in an organization’s culture. We believe that without understanding how to focus, motivate and reward the human actors in the cybersecurity environment, meaningful change will, at best, be fleeting.

As a technology-focused consulting firm with over 30 years of experience, our team members have refined the delicate art of transformational change through human endeavor focused on technology tools and infrastructure. Through our years of experience in facilitating transformational change, we have refined best practices in achieving compliance goals.

We created a new approach to cybersecurity transformation. We help organizations make meaningful change by focusing on their human actors first. Through our system, cybersecurity maturity is better achieved and longer lasting.

PEAK Complyance was founded to bring a new perspective to cybersecurity compliance. We are not just a company, we are people. We believe in a more authentic human approach to technology.

The Future

In a world that is ever expanding and becoming more detached, there is an increased need for validation to business reliability, operational stability, practice standards, and compliance. As expectation become more imperative, the mandate to prove best practices according to a defined framework will increase in the foreseeable future. Compliance as a way of doing business isn’t going away!

Our mission is to provide a complete suite of products and services to support compliance maturity. We offer unique solutions making defining and implementing a variety of standards easier. By elevating themselves to higher standards, PEAK Complyance clients realize an edge over their competition.

Beautiful Southern Oregon

We are located in beautiful Southern Oregon and service customers all over the nation. We love where we live! Our perspective on business is unique because of our location – close to nature and revitalized by the waters of the Umpqua watershed. From rolling farmland hills to the thousand valleys of the Umpqua our location is idyllic. It is easy to see why we have a wholistic approach to our craft. Join us any time, we would welcome your visit!


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